Happy Father’s Day!

  •  June 17th, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I asked G what he might like to do for his first Father’s Day. “I want a Big Fry Up! (aka A Full English Breakfast)”, he exclaimed, “…and uhmm, I think I’m going to give myself the day off too!” There are no set work days or hours in the music business and it would be a treat, especially for baby Q to spend a Sunday with his father!

I then asked him what being a new dad meant to him as this day approached. “Well (a long pause), it’s A LOT of hard work (sigh and another long pause), but it’s been so worth it (soft eyes, big smile)…you know, somewhere along those lines!”

Happy Father’s Day love and hooray to all of you fathers out there!

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  • Gloria says:

    Happy Father’s Day to the zio! We celebrate it on March 19 here. The comment around here stops at “it’s a lot of f… Work” LOL

  • LD says:

    Happy first Father’s Day to zio M too!

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