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With the tourists now gone and the rainy season approaching, we finally made it to the Miami Art Museum to see The Record: Contemporary Art & Vinyl! Our days of having ‘grown up’ dinners out with baby Q sleeping quietly through the meals are gone. His urge to walk and babble and yes, flirt with the ladies, has taken over, so we’ve had to search for more spacious venues to bring him. Museums have been one of the few baby-friendly places left for us!

Jeroen Diepenmaat-Pour des Dents d’un Blanc Éclatant et Saines Dutch artist, Jeroen Diepenmaat’s, Pour des Dents d’un Blanc Éclatant et Saines

Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University presented this stunning traveling exhibit by 41 international artists who’ve used vinyl as their subject or medium.

Dario Robleto at MAMAmerican Conceptual artist, Dario Robleto’s triptych, Lamb of Man/Atom and Eve/Americana Materia Medica

The collection was pretty extensive. It explored the culture of vinyl within the history of Contemporary Art and featured works of sculpture, photography and collage like, Satch Hoyt’s, Celestial Vessel, a 16′ canoe made of 1950’s 45rpm RCA Victor Red Seal records.

'Jeff's Top Ten' Dave Muller 86.5 x 38.5Dave Muller’s Jake’s Top Ten

These are only several of the works that we liked. Some of the pieces were so subtle yet intricate, others just plain madness or genius (like Christian Marclay’s Looking for Love), depending on your viewpoint.

Laurie Anderson ViophonographLaurie Anderson’s extraordinary Viophonograph

Each image is linked to the artist’s official websites or you can learn more about the exhibit by checking out NMA or MAM.

Sean Duffy 'Burn Out Sun'Sean Duffy’s Burnout Sun

D. Byrne 'More Songs About Buildings & Food'

A life-sized photo-montage of Polaroids by David Byrne that was featured as the Talking Head’s 2nd album cover, More Songs About Buildings & Food.

Herzog & de Meuron~The New Perez Art Museum Miami

This is PAMM, the new Art Museum of Miami, a work-in-progress by Herzog & de Meuron that will be opening in the fall of 2013 at Museum Park.

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