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We’re so glad we waited a month to see Tron:Legacy! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. It’s still in theaters and you’ll most likely get a good seat. The soundtrack was amazing with music by Daft Punk and the effects surpassed our expectations. Disney’s come a long way since their original Tron film from 1982.

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  • Gloria says:

    I got the full Tron treatment yesterday… first the 1982 movie (dear God…) and then the new one… during which we both fell asleep (me, twice). Not my genre… definitely. I also found the young actor really bad… he seems to have the one puzzled expression. The only thing I definitely I agree on is the soundtrack: very cool.

  • LD says:

    I can’t believe you started with the first Tron. Even we couldn’t get through two minutes of it! LOL
    Did you see TLegacy at home or in the theater? We saw it in 3D at the cinema and we usually only reserve these outings for this type of film, which is really just for the effects~the soundtrack was a bonus. It’s not something we’d see that we’re expecting Oscar worthy nominations from, it’s just for pure fun and effects.
    This weekend we saw more Oscar worthy films such as Animal Kingdom (intense!) and The King’s Speech which was good. We like keeping the film variety broad, it only helps us appreciate the great ones more. Would you have some suggestions for us? We’d love to hear them.

  • Gloria says:

    Ciao bella, we watched it at home so I guess that didn’t help! We have been watching a lot of movies recently.
    We liked The Fighter (brilliant), The Next Three Days (ok), The Tourist (ok – but Johnny Depp in it 🙂 ), Glorious 39 (really good – it is an older movie), 127 hours (fantastic), Year One (stupid comedy, but we really laughed), A Better World (the Danish movie that won the Oscar – intense and quite sad but very good), The kids are alright (nice movie), The Hangover (good), Due Date (funny), The Social Network (we liked it very much).
    Marcel recommends Jackass 3 (he says G. will love it).
    Do you think we should go out more?! LOL
    Hugs to you both!

  • LD says:

    What a selection Glo! 127 hours was intense! We still have to finish the second half of Year One… G loved Jackass 3, I wanted to vomit the whole time. lol The Social Network was good and the rest, we’ll make sure to check out. Oh, and we did watch M’s suggestion, The Four Lions, very quirky! We’re always open to new suggestions. Thanks!
    Check out the selections in my Miami Film Festival Post from last month!
    Much love to you both!

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