London Calling


So it was here that we found ourselves on a sunny day along the River Thames, having tea in the restaurant at Tate Modern overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral, where old and new London meet, connected by the Millennium bridge. Looks like the perfect afternoon doesn’t it? Not exactly, but it turned out well in the end! First of all, this was the first bit of sun we saw since we were there but it was to be expected, secondly, although the view of the cathedral was spectacular, there was no religious reverence. It’s not the end of the world being the black-sheep heathens of our families. Thirdly, tea time wasn’t at all traditional but still English in every sense.

We ended up ordering one of the restaurant’s signature tea cocktails for our ‘afternoon tea’. ‘Honeyed Words’ was on the bar menu and it just called to us. We had tea alright but as a distilled essence added with honey, a twist of lemon and a lovely addition of bourbon! So warming that it soothed the dampness in our bones and so smooth it had us speaking in a posh English accent by the time we left the building. It went down so well, we decided to forgo a real ‘cuppa’ altogether and enjoyed a second round while Q dosed off in his stroller for mummy and daddy. The tea desserts were fabulous enough to rival the ones across the Channel. Needless to say, I don’t have much to write about the Lichtenstein retrospective that was featured at the gallery that week…So glad we’re back in Miami catching up on work and checking out more possibilities for a new home. Happy Valentine’s Day next week to all you love birds out there! Cheerio

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