Life After Katrina and The Gulf Oil Spill


Photo via Make It Right NOLA

Things are looking greener for Katrina survivors. The people of New Orleans and the Greater area have proved to be a resilient bunch and the city has been revitalized with a new spirit. The City of New Orleans celebrated in a 2010 Superbowl win with their Saints but within the following spring, the coast was affected by the largest environmental disaster in American history. There are continued efforts to restore the coastal areas of Louisiana. Numerous individuals and organizations have come together to make this all possible. Here are just a few that have been making a difference:

Rebuilding NOLA
The Zeitoun Foundation
Make It Right New Orleans
Rebuilding Together New Orleans
The Green Project

Restoring Coastal Lousiana
Hurricane on The Bayou
Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
Greater New Orleans Foundation
Oxfam America

Link here and here for some other great causes.

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