The Glory Days of Autumn

  •  September 1st, 2011

Judging by the view outside our windows, you would never know that we were heading into Labor Day weekend. It looks the same year round except for the more overcast days during Hurricane season. I sure miss the change of seasons of the Northern climates. The photo above is not of a Miami autumn; apart from a brief flash at the end of our trips last year to Italy and Canada, this was the last bit of foliage I got to enjoy a couple of years ago in France.

Although some aspects of our lives have been put on hold, we’ve had our own kind of colorful change of season. G and I have been enjoying our baby Q’s new presence for the last couple of weeks now. What tremendous joy he’s brought into our lives. It’s only started to sink in that we’ve entered the realm of parenthood! We are as overwhelmed with the newness of things as we are with the surges of delight when we look into our newborn’s face and the miracle of it all!

On that note, I’ll continue to blog but less frequently until we get settled into our new norm. Take care for now folks and enjoy the vibrance of the season ahead!

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