Good Vibes: Jamiroquai, Jason Mraz, Niki & The Dove


Jamiroquai Rock Dust Light Star

I love me some Jamiroquai even if it’s too few and far between albums. Their latest one is only now releasing in the U.S. but it’ll do for this funky, soulful band!

Jason Mraz-Love is a Four Letter Word

This is one of those schmaltzy, feel-good albums most folks don’t admit to owning. People this happy are usually popping E’s or psychopaths but Mraz might just actually be trying to spread the love! It’s also great to play when in the company of kids as the album cover suggests…

Niki & The Dove Instinct Album

Niki & The Dove are a far cry from the ABBA of our childhoods! Their pop vibe is still Scandinavian but more ethereal in a fresher, techno-modern kind of way. You can pre-order their debut album now or wait for the May 14th release.

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