Jan 2011:
Hi, we’re a Canadian-American and a Canadian-Brit temporarily living in Miami with our young son. We’ll post the latest of our favorite music, reads, eats, films and more here. Friends and family, this is where we’ll keep you posted with our goings on while we’re far apart. We’re so happy to have you join us!

June 2016 Update:
Amazing how three years flies by since our last post in 2013! We’ve since traveled with Q to NY, Paris and LA on our never-ending search for a home, all the while based back in TO, until we move to our next destination, TBA. We’re glad Q’s getting the opportunity to experience life in the North for awhile. I considered posting the food, art and family events while we’re up here, but there’s no need for another blog, there are plenty of good ones covering that stuff already.

May 2022 Update:
Hey everyone, we’ve just been so caught up in life to find the time to blog about it. Fast forward a decade later since our first post, then the pandemic, the post pandemic, you name it, life engulfs you in one way or another, whether badly or beautifully!

It was suggested that I continue blogging but it’s too time consuming and our old template is dated. We decided to keep the blog just as we left it in 2013, as a snapshot of our lives then. Some of the posts may have links that are outdated or there will be pics and video that had been removed by the server, but the spirit remains and it’s a good thing that the arrogance of our youth was left behind too, lol. There was even a MixPod that had our beloved playlist of the work we did together, but the widget went defunct.

We had such a love-hate relationship with Miami at that time and it took so long to love it for all its quirks for the few years that we lived there. It’s changed for the better over the course of our revisits. It’s finally grown into a world class city, but I digress, moving forward. The only new addition will be the Instagram link. Better late than never, so we’ve finally given into Instagram as an extension of this blog. I prefer the short and sweet format to connect instead of the lengthy blog posts of the past. We’ll make sure to put in a few throwbacks to share some of our adventures we had along the way.

These past couple of years forced us to regroup and take stock of everything, and in the process, it’s made us grateful and helped remind us of all the beauty and wonder that’s flashed before our eyes, while we were so caught up in the tides of life.

We’ve since moved from MIAOTTTOLAMIALDNTO with stops in MX, IT and FR along the way. Q’s also been home-schooled for most of that time and that may be a direction of where this goes. So, please join us now and then on IG to catch up. You can follow Q too at OnQ Gordon and at IntersteliQ IG and YouTube. Welcome back again, we’re so glad to share this new chapter with you!

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